Acme Garnishing Set & Oriental Mixture Tobacco

April 14, 2013


This is one of many  photos that will be coming from my trip to French Gulch-a gold mining town just off Hwy 299 west of Redding. Please let me know if you can identify the product from Del Norte County.

When Fuel Was 18 Cents a Gallon

April 11, 2013


I do believe that is a fuel truck on the left.

As many already know, please keep clicking on the photo to enlarge-there is a lot of great detail here.

Arcata Phillips House During 1955 Flood

April 9, 2013


Per the Phillips House Museum website:

The Philips House Museum at 7th and Union Streets
preserves the atmosphere of a typical farm house found in Arcata. As a living museum, Arcata’s best example of Greek Revival architecture shows the daily life an Arcata resident between 1854 and 1932.

Free tours of Phillips House are available 2 – 4 p.m. every Sunday and by appointment – 707-822-4722.

Technology in 1912

April 4, 2013

Little River Redwood Co Office 1912

We can remember this photo whenever our calculators stop working, our computer runs slow or our cell phone reception gets a bit scratchy.

Please click on the image to reach the source site where you can enlarge and see the great detail.

Slash Burner on the Waterfront, Eureka

April 1, 2013


Some time ago I wrote about a slash burner in the middle of no where. Apparently there was one in the middle of Eureka as well.

I’m thinking that warehouse on the right is still there on the waterfront but can’t tell for sure….

[As always, keep clicking on the photo to enlarge]

Sea Cliff Camp-Trinidad c. 1930

March 31, 2013

Old Hwy 101, c.1930

Eureka Waterfront Neighborhood, c 1870

March 28, 2013


I kind of get the feeling I’ve posted this one before but I love it.

Maybe it is the market basket on the porch. The clotheslines or eerily empty street. The lovely architectural detail or pretty little fence in front of the house on the left (the house on the right seems to have copied the same style).  Dunno, but I like it.  Hope others do too.

Click on the photo to enlarge and see more detail.

4th & F Streets, Eureka, c. 1945

March 27, 2013


The “Monkey Wards” (what my dad called it when I was growing up) on the right is certainly not the flat-roofed monstrosity I remember from when I was a kid (was located where Target is now for those who are newer to the area).

Nice to see that the Eureka Theater hasn’t really changed. Folks have actually been working for a while now to restore the theater and the volunteer effort is coming along quite nicely. Learn more about the restoration effort and how you can help HERE.

The Old Mining Town of Trinidad

March 23, 2013



Two-Story Dwelling for $1,830

March 21, 2013


Thanks to Hans Koster of for this one.

Classified ad was in the Eel River Advance,  May 30, 1896


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