Birth Control in Ketchikan, Alaska

July 11, 2013

I was fortunate to be able to visit Alaska recently and it was in the historic red light district of Ketchikan that I discovered this unknown (and probably obsolete) kraft.


Apparently condoms used to be made of silk –they came in pretty colors but weren’t very effective so at least one “working girl” made home decorations with them. This flower (and others) adorned her shower curtain.


The house is open for tours and was left pretty much the way it was when Dolly passed away.


Whaling In Humboldt

April 22, 2013

Someone asked me not long ago if there was ever a whaling industry in Humboldt…


Trinidad Whaling Dock, c.1920 [County of Humboldt]


Trinidad, August 1923 [Woods; County of Humboldt]


Trinidad [Glen Berry Collection; County of Humboldt]


Trinidad Whaling Station [Cole; County of Humboldt]

There are plenty of additional photos on the HSU Special Collections site [just search "whal"] but I found them quite awful and couldn’t save and post them. I know this was an “industry” but these were living beings and I found the photos just… tragic.

Trinidad Lighthouse, 1884

April 22, 2013


Jerry Kiler is the man standing on the lighthouse–and this is from the HSU Special Collections Site describing the source of a collection:

Sub series: 7113HME1-7115HME4  Milton and Edith Hunter Collection I (1999.03.0821-1999.03.0851) [there are a lot of great photos if you click on the collection link].

Milton and Edith married when they were past 50.  They had been married before.  They shared an unusual history as Edith (Kiler) was a descendant of the first lighthouse keeper of Trinidad, Jeremiah Kiler, and Milton was grandson of Frederick Harrington, the second lighthouse keeper at Trinidad.

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Pinkham’s Saloon in Trinidad, pre-1928

April 17, 2013


Caption from HSU Special Collections site:

Corner of Trinity and Edwards before 1928. || L-R ?, ?, ?, “Fisherman Dave” Nesbith, Jim Blue (standing against lightpost), Billy Beach (barber), ?. Pinkham’s Saloon burned in 1928.

Keep Machine Clean and Oiled…

April 15, 2013


Couple of folks thought the Del Norte product from yesterday’s post was typewriter ink. Could be.  The typewriter above was in the same collection in French Gulch.

As was this…


It would be fun to learn whether or not typewriter ink was produced in Del Norte (looks like “Crescent City” on the box as well). If anyone learns anything, please let us know.

Acme Garnishing Set & Oriental Mixture Tobacco

April 14, 2013


This is one of many  photos that will be coming from my trip to French Gulch-a gold mining town just off Hwy 299 west of Redding. Please let me know if you can identify the product from Del Norte County.

When Fuel Was 18 Cents a Gallon

April 11, 2013


I do believe that is a fuel truck on the left.

As many already know, please keep clicking on the photo to enlarge-there is a lot of great detail here.

Arcata Phillips House During 1955 Flood

April 9, 2013


Per the Phillips House Museum website:

The Philips House Museum at 7th and Union Streets
preserves the atmosphere of a typical farm house found in Arcata. As a living museum, Arcata’s best example of Greek Revival architecture shows the daily life an Arcata resident between 1854 and 1932.

Free tours of Phillips House are available 2 – 4 p.m. every Sunday and by appointment – 707-822-4722.

Technology in 1912

April 4, 2013

Little River Redwood Co Office 1912

We can remember this photo whenever our calculators stop working, our computer runs slow or our cell phone reception gets a bit scratchy.

Please click on the image to reach the source site where you can enlarge and see the great detail.

Slash Burner on the Waterfront, Eureka

April 1, 2013


Some time ago I wrote about a slash burner in the middle of no where. Apparently there was one in the middle of Eureka as well.

I’m thinking that warehouse on the right is still there on the waterfront but can’t tell for sure….

[As always, keep clicking on the photo to enlarge]


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