Pleased and alarmed

Hello to everyone that has visited this blog.  I was gone for the weekend and came home very, very pleased that some great folks have found their way to this blog. And alarmed to find that the posts I had set to publish this weekend didn’t happen,  which made this site very… static over the last few days. 

My apologies.  I hope to add info very regularly, which in turn will hopefully encourage others to do the same.  It is wonderful (thanks again Kym) to find that there are others out there that share my interest (passion, obsession) with local history.

2 Responses to Pleased and alarmed

  1. southfolk eel says:

    hey lynette, i am just an observer who stumbled upon this blog. nice to see someone writing about local history. I live in southern humboldt and would love to hear any storys you had about the area. Especialy those about the avenue of the giants before the flood! Thanks, and hope to see your future posts.

  2. lynette77 says:

    Greetings and welcome.
    I am sure I will be posting info about that area. If you haven’t found it already, Ernie Branscomb
    has a lot of local history info posted on his blog.
    Any minute now (ok, probably not until tonight) I will post links to other blogs about local history–and hope others will let me know when they create or run across a site of interest.
    Thanks for visiting !

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