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As anyone with a passion for something knows, it is always a real pleasure to meet someone that shares your interest. Yesterday I had the pleasure of “meeting” (over the phone) Adrienne Harling, a woman in Orleans who has started a similar history-focused blog, but will concentrate more on her part of the country/county. Check out her blog at


4 Responses to Another historical blog

  1. Rebecca Evans says:

    I grew up in Rohnerville in the 60,s and early 70,s .My Dad and Mom owned Mikes TV and appliances on main st rohnerville until around 1974 When we moved to Ohio.Question – Does anyone have any photos of that location during that time?It was next to mac and bevs grocery store and the barber shop right before you get to school St.The buildings are still there on google,but I live in NC now .Just thought someone may have some photos they would share.I would love to see them if there are any.
    Rebecca Evans

    • Lynette M says:

      Hopefully you’ve gotten a response.
      All my photos are much earlier than the time period you’re looking for. Sorry !

      • Rebecca Evans says:

        I love your photos and this blog!I have not recieved any response from anyone ,my parents knew everyone in town just about.My dad would fix everybodys tv,s and appliances from rohnerville to eureka to ruth lake and then some.We should have never left,hopefully someone will see this and have a photo or two.

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