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1895 Humboldt Map

1895 Humboldt Map

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  1. sohum says:

    Can we get some info on the town of Kenny, Ca. ive driven out usal road many times and always wondered what the town consisted of and or where it was. I hear there used to be a bar at the end of 4 corners but it burnt down and or went outta buisness. Also any infomation about he communities along the southfork would be appreciated.

    • lynette77 says:

      Hi Sohum,
      I’d never even heard of the place. Wikipedia has though, and gives us this…
      Can anyone add anything…?
      Kenny is an unincorporated community in Mendocino County, California.[1] It is located 6.5 miles (10 km) southwest of Piercy,[2] at an elevation of 1601 feet (488 m).[1]

      A post office operated at Kenny from 1888 to 1903 and from 1907 to 1924

      USGS GNIS: Kenny, California
      Durham, David L. (1998). California’s Geographic Names: A Gazetteer of Historic and Modern Names of the State. Quill Driver Books. p. 87. ISBN 9781884995149.

  2. sohum says:

    Its a rather remote location i do not think it still exists. I have not ever found it. I have been out old usal road and amost got my truck stuck a couple of times. Suposivly there was a logging camp out there and this was where most the guys slept and have a soup kitchen, the road to piercy used to be more accesable too.

    • olmanriver says:

      Ms. Sohum born, Margareit Cook & Diane Hawk’s A Glance Back, Northern Mendocino County History is available at the Radio Shack in G’ville and covers the areas you are curious about.

      Kenny was a much more prominent town during the stage days. From pg 28 of the above book:
      “It ws in the mid 1889’s when Patrick Kenny located in Northern Mendocino county. He settledabout nine miles southwest of Piercy and about one and a hal miles east of Bear Harbor. There, Pat built a one story hotel, consisting of 18 rooms plus an adjoining apple house and washroom. A saloon and stable were built nearby. The post office was established in the hotel in 1888 and discontinued in 1903. In 1907, it reopened and closed for good in 1924 when it moved Westport.
      A wagon road started in Fort Bragg and followed the coast to Usal where it turned inland to Kenny. Keny was a stage stopover and passendgrs stayed overnight at the Kenny Hotel. The guests arose early the following morning, ate hearty breakfast and were on their way nroht by 6:00 am. The stage passed through Moody, Four Corners, Thorn, Briceland, and finally reached its destination of Garberville by 6 pm. the Garberville stage followed the same schedule with both north and south bound coaches spending the night in Kenny. Another wagon road branched off from Kenny, going on northeast to a settlement called Moody about six miles away.” There is mention of the late Mrs. Kirk of Piercy working there as an older girl, showing the proximity to Piercy.

      “Fred Wolf, Sr operated a saloon on the southwest corner of Four Corners” (ibid, pg 36)

      There is a lead-in to the story of Sallie Bell, last of the full-blooded Sinkyone and her family history at Four Corners that I will leave for another history buff. (Ben?)

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