The beginnings of the Klamath Reservation

Later photo at the Klamath Reservation

Later photo at the Klamath Reservation

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As time went on, the settlers became “desperate”.   Cattle  were dying, after all.  In the settlers’ minds, that was certainly enough cause to threaten mass murder.

Humboldt Times, June 16, 1855-Re: Incompetent Indian Agent –Henley -Col. Henly—to the San Francisco Herald, we acknowledge .. indebted for the aid.. in search of said officer, the Superintendent of Indians in California.  Rumor has it that there is such an office… He has been written to, beseeched and entreated to take some steps to relieve our section of the troublesome Indians that infest it… Such a state of affairs cannot last, our citizens will be compelled to take up arms and exterminate every Indian against which suspicions are directed.  To the “memorable seven” at Orleans Bar, we are more than half inclined to tender an apology for our castigation for their course, and in doing so divest ourselves of that sympathy and pity we once entertained for the Indian [author’s note, I so wish I knew what this refers to…]


In response, most likely, to the citizens’ cries for “help”, the Federal government chose an area at the mouth of the Klamath River for a new reservation.  It was, put bluntly, the crappiest location around, and unlikely to be wanted to white settlers in the near future, if ever.  At the Klamath, the natives would be “safe” and out of the way of encroaching whites.   


Humboldt Times, January 12, 1856–New Klamath Reservation-Response Klamath Reservation—By reference to our Washington news, it would seen that a strip of land on the Klamath… has been reserved by order of the President as a military reservation for the Indians…. we certainly approve of this one selected in our neighboring county.  The tract selected will not be required by white people for years if ever, and the great river.. will supply the natives with the greater portion of their food.  The difficultly.. will arise when the agent attempts to collect the surrounding tribes within the limits of the Reservation.  They are much attached to their old homes and manner of living and have not the clearest conceptions of the obligations of treaties and promises.


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