Photo of Eureka, 1864

E Street, Eureka, 1864

E Street, Eureka, 1864

Sometimes old photos are just cool to look at.


10 Responses to Photo of Eureka, 1864

  1. Carol says:

    Cool photo! Can you imagine the mud during the winter?

  2. Heraldo says:

    My thoughts exactly.

  3. Yeah, there was mud, but that was back when people were smart enough to wipe their feet before going inside…

  4. lynette77 says:

    You know, my grandma used to say that running water was her favorite modern convenience…

    Isn’t it amazing to really look at how much the world has changed in so short a period of time? And how much a simple thing like paved streets and sidewalks could improve life…

  5. Grandmothers are an important influence on our lives. My grandmother had two rules that had to be followed before entering her house. You should wipe your feet, and take off your hat. If you didn’t do both of those things, you weren’t very welcome.

    • lynette77 says:

      Are you suppose to take off your hat so folks can see your eyes?

      • ”Are you suppose to take off your hat so folks can see your eyes?”
        Apparently it had to do with manners. According to Gramma a person with manners didn’t wear a hat in the house, and especially not at the dinner table. Bad, bad manners.

  6. […] last photo of downtown Eureka in 1864  got people thinking about the amount of mud that would have been flowing down those dirt streets  […]

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