Getting to work at Falk

Falk, about 1890

Falk, about 1890


I talked to Bill Rich yesterday, and the folks at HSU are getting ready to start digging at the historic town site of Falk.

In it’s heyday, Falk was a company mill town in the Elk River Valley with over 400 residents.   Unfortunately a drop in lumber demand in the late 1930s forced the mill’s closing and by the 1950s, the town was deserted (ish).  Squatters were living in the abandoned buildings and treasure seekers were looting the site.  These problems and concerns over legal liability prompted property owner Sierra Pacific Lumber Co to demolish the town in 1979.

In 1999, the Headwaters deal came through, and the  Bureau of Land Management took over the area. The BLM wants to use the townsite as an educational area with self-guided, and possibly guided,  tours.   Careful excavation of certain buildings and areas will  help folks learn more about how people lived in this isolated 19th century mill town and volunteers are welcome to help .

The crew will be working mostly Fridays and weekends so that they can get as many folks involved as possible and will focus on the dancehall and a small bachelor’s cabin site.

Call  Jamie Roscoe or Bill Rich at the HSU Cultural Resources Facility at (707)  826-5247  for more info or to sign up.  You can also call Dave Johnson, archaeologist at the Arcata BLM at (707) 825-2320 for more info.


3 Responses to Getting to work at Falk

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for posting this. I had no idea it was going on, so have given them a call to see what weekend slots they had available.

    • lynette77 says:

      Oh yes !
      They’re mainly trying to get HSU students involved by working on Fridays and Saturdays, but welcome anyone from the public willing to work. Just be ready to dig in the dirt.

      It is very cool stuff. Very cool…

      We found remnants of the dancehall’s grand piano yesterday, as well as an old wood stove and other assorted trash-now-treasure.

      The plan, weather permitting, is to go out again on Friday, Nov. 6. I’ll post what I know, when I know it and if you give the office a call, you can likely get on the e-mail list for field trip dates and times.


      I should say, not for you Mark, but for everyone, that looting is definitely NOT OK !!! ( I should probably write this as a separate post, but it can’t hurt to have it here also…)

      The BLM recently successfully prosecuted someone for taking items from a site in the general area and will agressively prosecute anyone they find digging there.

      Just don’t do it, folks, even if you’re tempted. Volunteer instead and learn how to collect and preserve cultural and historical resources so that everyone can enjoy and learn from them. Please, please, please.

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