1900 Census index provides lots of info

My friend Olmanriver recently let me know that the Humboldt County Historical Society  has an on-line  1900 census index .

The index was compiled by MARILYN KEACH MILOTA an amazing woman who has contributed all kinds of useful information to the county library (and apparently the historical society) to help folks find genealogy-related and general historical info.

The 1900 index consists of the person’s name, wife if any,month and year of birth, place of birth, relationship to head of household, township name and page number.

The index can make it easier to find someone, especially if you’re not quite sure where that person was living, but are pretty sure they were around here somewhere.

For example, I very quickly found David Stewart

David G., Jan 1860, Canada; Emma L., July 1868, Calif Mad River 133A

David used chalk to write his name on our upstairs ceiling when he still thought of himself as “Davie”.  Someone else kindly filled in Stewart (different handwriting) before covering Davie’s name with wall paper.

If I wanted, I could now go to the County Library and find the 1900 census, page 133 A and get more info about Davie.

Or, because I belong to Ancestry.com, I can use his name and township from the index to easily find the original census record…


1900 Census, Mad River Township

Note:    If you find your family (or other person you’re researching) in the index and want a copy of the original census record, let me know (include all the info, please) and I’ll get it from Ancestry.com.   It may take me a while, but I’ll try to get to all requests.

I can also do more extensive genealogy research for a (very reasonable) fee.


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  1. smaroremn says:

    Seems like you are a real specialist. Did ya study about the theme? *lol*

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