Presentation on the history of the Fieldbrook Volunteer Fire Dept.


Burning Barn in Fieldbrook

On Thursday, Nov. 5, from 6-7:30 p.m., the Fieldbrook Family Market is holding a community dinner featuring the History of the Fieldbrook Fire Department.  The presentation will be given by yours truly, along with the Fieldbrook Fire Chief, Rich Grissom.  We will have lots of photos and community history, as well as stories about the department.

The dinner price is $9.99 and includes plenty of good food, including tri-tip chili, soups, salad, etc. For more info, call the store at 839-0521.

When Susan Seaman at the store asked me to do this program, I was very pleased.  My dad was a volunteer fireman in Rio Dell and I grew up listening for that fire whistle, watching him stop whatever he was doing the moment it went off and run out the door.  Leaving dinner to get cold as he fought fires, provided first aid, or offered other assistance to friends and strangers in the community that needed him.

Even if you can’t make the event in Fieldbrook, I hope you can take just a moment to appreciate the volunteer fire fighters that exist in every small community. These are brave and generous folks who give a lot of time and energy to the community (for free), in order to help keep friends, family and neighbors safe.  Their’s is a sometimes dangerous, and always important business.  We’re lucky to have ’em.


2 Responses to Presentation on the history of the Fieldbrook Volunteer Fire Dept.

  1. Lynette
    Today you get to be Saint Lynette.
    Fire departments have always been popular, and in the past, well funded. Not so today. The state takes the money away from special districts like Fire Departments and gives them back what they think that they need. People like fire departments, and fund them well. Other groups of people become jealous of their funding, and persistently try to move funding from fire departments to their own special causes. Firefighters have their hands totally full with training and fighting fires and other emergency runs. They don’t have time to be politicians, and they don’t do a good job of fighting for their funding. Consequently, fire departments can no longer build stations and replace equipment without having special fundraisers. Volunteers have the added burden of having a job to support their families.
    I’m am a Volunteer in Redway, and I am in no way associated the Fieldbrook Fire Department, but I’m sure that our training is so close to the same that we could fill each others boots in an emergency, so I understand their needs. The Firefighters deserve your support.

    Thanks, Ernie Branscomb

    • lynette77 says:

      Hi Ernie,
      I forgot you are a volunteer. Wonderful ! I know you said depts. used to be well funded, but in the very beginnings, not so much. This department started in the 1950s and held dances, raffled appliances, sold logs… and did all kinds of other things trying to raise money to buy the equipment (simple things like sirens) they needed to get going. Likely the same with the little town of Redway. Volunteer Depts. do so much for the community, it is amazing they don’t get more support.

      And the training ! I’m sure you’re right that you guys all probably go through the same stuff, and it is a LOT. After all, you screw up, you could die– you want to know what you’re doing . Thanks for all you do, Ernie. Most folks may not think about it much, that is until they need you 🙂

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