I’ve fallen down and I can’t get up

Okay, maybe every once in a while there is a building that can’t be saved.  The source of the photo was Humboldt State University, so this was likely around here somewhere. 

It also looks like silt has built up around the front of the first building… Flood?  Exceptionally high tide?

I wish I knew where this was and if any structures in the background are still standing…


4 Responses to I’ve fallen down and I can’t get up

  1. Mark Walker says:

    I found another photo of this house doing research. It took me a while to remember where I had seen it before, which was on your blog. Serendipity in action.
    It is Jane Bushton’s house in Monterey (“one of the first frame houses built in California”). You can find the article and photo at the California Digital Newspaper Collection . It is in the San Francisco Call, Volume 104, Number 70, 9 August 1908.

    • lynette77 says:

      Huh, that does mean that it isn’t old town, Eureka, doesn’t it and reminds me never to make assumptions regarding locations.
      I wonder why it ended up in Humboldt’s collection…?
      Thanks for the reference to more info. I just love these old structures…

      (Hey Mark, are you from Fortuna?)

      • Mark Walker says:

        That happens a lot. I did some an research on the Ludlow Massacre in Colorado. We found a photo in one of the archives that was labeled as bodies laid out after the massacre. It had even been published. Unfortunately the background was a forest of ships’ masts, which should have been a giveaway that it wasn’t Colorado.

        I’m in Arcata. I only moved up here a year ago and found your blog while researching the history here for my own interest. Just want to say I think you are really doing important work.

        • lynette77 says:

          Hi Mark,
          Welcome to Humboldt.
          I’m glad you found me. I grew up here but have only been doing the history thing for a little while now. If you develop an interest in anything in particular and I can help, just let me know.


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