Bull’s meat market in Arcata

Bull's Meat Market

I don’t that a business strictly dedicated to the sale of meat would go over so well in Arcata today, but this sure is a great old photo.

If you click the photo, and then keep clicking, you’ll be able to enlarge it enough to see all the great detail. The ranch hand figures on top of the racks, hanging sausages, great brass lights, and even the photos on the door between the two men on the left….   The butcher block at the end of the counter on the right just looks like a piece of log sanded down and the weights at the far right of the scale were huge…


5 Responses to Bull’s meat market in Arcata

  1. Lucy says:

    Great to find another blog that posts historic buildings!
    Come over and visit:


    I look forward to following you!

  2. Ron says:

    Those photos on the door remind me suspiciously of the style of photos that used to be common of U.S. President/VP combo photos… I wonder if someone with more knowledge than me would be able to perhaps recognize the President/era to put a timeline on it. Perhaps Teddy Roosevelt or Taft?

  3. Susan McPherson says:

    Holy cow! I just found out about your blog last night, then looked at it today and enlarged the photo of Bull’s meat market only to see that the iron rods with fleur-de-lys finials for hanging the meat is exactly what I have kept in my garage for 40 years, never knowing what its original purpose was. Now I really know what to do with it! Thanks for sharing this photo!

  4. Jane says:

    Let me know if you also have one of those brass lights in your garage. I would kill for one of those.

  5. Jane says:

    Also the portraits are President Taft and VP Sherman. 1909-1913

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