Wagons crossing the Van Duzen

Hans Koster has put together a great website on “Sunny Fortuna” and given me the ok to use some of the photos they’ve got posted. 

It is actually pretty easy to recognize this spot, as it is still the location where Hwy 101 crosses the Van Duzen River just south of Fortuna.

Notice the horse and wagon crossing …

According to the photo info, this bridge was built in 1901 and replaced because of corrosion  in 1924.


5 Responses to Wagons crossing the Van Duzen

  1. AnjellaEl says:

    Very neat picture! I could stare at it for hours checking out all the details. Thanks for sharing!

    • lynette77 says:

      Isn’t it great ? I love that, despite all the construction/new bridges that have been built there over the years, the general landscape is still the same.

      You might also want to check out the historic photos at the sunnyfortuna.com site–lots of great pictures.

  2. rebecca evans says:

    I love to see the old pictures.Do you have any of the old van duzen bridge on highway 36? I grew up in rohnerville and we went there in the 50,s & 60,s.I am in n.c.now. My parents owned mikes tv and appliances on main st. rohnerville.sound familiar?R.Evans

  3. rebecca evans says:

    would anyone have any pictures of the old mikes tv and appliances?I would love to see them.They would be from the late 50,s to 1974.Thatis when our family moved from rohnerville.

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