Valley of the Giants at the Eureka Theater

I thought I’d be lazy today and let one of my commenters provide the post…

 …If you …have the time, you should go see the two movies, both [versions of] Valley of the Giants, on Saturday or Sunday, December 12 or 13 at the Eureka Theatre. Doors opens at 5:30pm. They were made in this area…   The first one was done in 1927 and is silent. The second one you will see was in 1938. There was an earlier one, in 1919 and a later one, called The Big Trees, in 1952 [available on  DVD]. I am a student of the writer, Peter B. Kyne… Very interesting history.

I found a summary of the plot here for one of the versions

Hero Bill Cardigan (Wayne Morris) is a lifetime resident of California’s Tall Timber country. When evil land-despoiler Howard Fallon (Charles Bickford) arrives with a team of lumberjacks to strip the territory of its trees, Cardigan tries to stop them, only to discover that Fallon has the law on his side. Eventually, Cardigan finds an unexpected ally in the form of golden-hearted saloon girl Lee Roberts (Claire Trevor), who enables the forces of Good to triumph in the final reel.



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