Fortuna Train Depot, early days

Fortuna Train Depot

This is a great example of repurposing an old structure.
This old train depot is now the Depot Museum in Fortuna.   It contains all kinds of fun historic displays, as well as some historic documents for those researching genealogy or other specific topics.
The building was moved from it’s original location at the foot of 8th Street to Rohner Park (take first Fortuna exit and keep driving about 3 ish miles.  The park entrance is on the left). 
A google search found me this photo, which has even more great period details. 

Fortuna train depot, c. 1914


6 Responses to Fortuna Train Depot, early days

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. So, why did I think that it was called Springville Station back then?

  3. Feelin' Googly says:

    From here: “The town was first recognized by the United States Government when a post office was established in 1874 under the name of Slide. This popular name was derived from the hill just north of town called Slide Hill. On October 12, 1874, Henry Rohner, Alexander Masson, M. N. Weber and G. F. Gushaw organized the Springville Mill Company, which helped to establish a permanent community. This name was used because of the many springs in the surrounding hills. On May 5, 1875, the town of Springville was filed with sixteen lots. Although the town was called Springville, the post office continued to be known as Slide. On April 5, 1880, Postmaster W. J. Swortzel tried to have the post office changed from Slide to Springville, but was refused because there was another Springville in Ventura County. On July 3, 1888, the post office was changed to Fortuna (fortune), and the name was also adopted for the town.”
    The train came later.

  4. Muso says:

    Great to see the old photos and how we have benefited which is what I am doing with amazing people

  5. Javier Drock says:

    nice knowledge thanks for sharing, hope you had a superb new year.

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