Eavesdropping for, umm, history’s sake

I think historians are, by nature, a nosey lot.  Most of the people historians study are dead, which makes our research less invasive than regular snooping, but it is still snooping.  We love to find letters, journals… anything that allows us to get inside someone’s head and gives us a fuller picture of their experience.

And I think good students of history have to be nosey.  The “what” of history can be interesting, but at a certain point, we need the “why” to really understand history’s many lessons–and people give us that.

The website  overheardinnewyork.com is a voyeur’s, eh hem, I mean historian’s, dream–simply postings of conversations overheard by folks who were entertained and felt compelled to share.  

Many of the postings aren’t pretty.  People can be scary, sweet, stupid, very crude,  and quite often, pretty darn funny.  It also provides a fascinating glimpse into us and offers a preview of what historians will learn about this era, if they’re lucky.

Warning:  many postings are NOT suitable for minors or those who are easily offended.  Everyone else, enjoy…


please note that there are links to “overheard in the office”, etc. at the bottom of the “overheard” page which are also worth a read.


4 Responses to Eavesdropping for, umm, history’s sake

  1. Some of those comments could have been made in Garberville!

    • lynette77 says:

      No kidding. I grew up in Rio Dell, and I could say the same thing. Maybe folks in New York get so used to having others around that they’re less careful when they talk, but I don’t know that what they say is much different.

  2. kristabel says:

    Hey Lynette,

    Love that site! I do this Humboldt-style occasionally. (I’m going to try to add a couple of links here, but I never seem to get it right, so if it doesn’t work…just go to ccx under eavesdropping and public eavesdropping.)

    Chocolate Covered Xanax Eavesdropping

    Chocolate Covered Xanax More Eavesdropping

    So glad you’re feeling better. Happy new year!

    • lynette77 says:

      Hey there !
      Happy new year to you. Isn’t it a great site? I can lose hours just reading the posts. I am a hopeless voyeur…
      I’ve read some of your eavesdropping posts, and have loved them. I will definitely check out the others.

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