Shaken up

Old Town, Eureka. After the quake.

I hope everyone feels back on solid ground after our unexpected little tremblor Saturday.  Unfortunately for me and my 12 year old brother- in-law, I was driving at the time and we missed it completely.  Didn’t feel a thing and drove into Arcata wondering why everyone was gathered on the sidewalks looking shaken up  (haha).   The poor kid won’t have a very good story to share at school today (though maybe he’ll be the only one there who DIDN’T feel it…?)

I belong to and I received this “Daily Perspective” today…

Huascaran Avalanche

On January 11, 1962, an avalanche on the Huascaran mountain in Peru devastated the surrounding area. The Huascaran is located near the coast and the junction of two tectonic plates, leaving is susceptible to earthquakes. The largest natural disaster ever to strike Peru occurred in 1970 when an earthquake destabilized the Huascaran mountain, killing more than 74,000 people. The 1962 avalanche was much less deadly, though it was still major by any scale.

According to the Times Standard, the biggest injury from our 6.5 earthquake on Saturday was a broken hip. 

We are so, so fortunate to live where and when we do, even with the earthquakes.

Take care everyone.



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