Why doesn’t the Times Standard still print stuff like this???


Humboldt Times, 21 Feb 1863

G.W.H.—We received your communication and are at a loss to know what to do with it, or what to say about it.  Don’t know who you are, don’t know who “J.K.” is, nor where the communication was written, or what it refers to.  Don’t know who “J.E.” is, don’t know who stuck the pitchfork in Mr. S nor whose wife “J.E.” fell in love with.  In short we know nothing of the circumstances or parties, and decline your communication with the advice that when you write again for a newspaper, let the editor have your name.  We do not care to do your fighting.


3 Responses to Why doesn’t the Times Standard still print stuff like this???

  1. Hank Sims says:

    Me, I SAY this kind of thing over the phone just about every day. Maybe the Journal should run transcripts of those conversations.

    • lynette77 says:

      Well, that sort of eavesdropping appeals to me, but it is just because I’m nosey. But is it “news”? Hmmmm…
      I actually liked this more because it gave me a better feel for the editor, who I think was a real S.O.B. in a lot of ways, but appears to have had a sense of humor.

  2. Kym says:

    What I wonder is: we applaud the newspapers who do this but, as a whole, people seem to think bloggers are stifling free speech when they do the same thing.

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