Early Blue Lake


[Casebeer’s story is on hold for a bit while I focus on other projects]

In April I am going to be giving two presentations on the early history of Blue Lake (one where I talk, another of just photos) and would appreciate any photos or stories that folks are willing to share of the Blue Lake, Glendale, Essex, Warren Creek areas, especially anything prior to 1900.

You can reach me/send them to: 

historyaddicts@gmail.com.  Thanks !

The following photo was among many great ones that can be found at the  Humboldt State Library.  Though many photos are online, it is worth a trip to the library to see the ones that haven’t been digitized yet.

Blue Lake Christening

Written on the back of the photo

3 Responses to Early Blue Lake

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  2. Nan Abrams says:

    The Woods lived in Glendale for awhile and were involved in the bridge collapse that sent the train into the Mad River. I wrote a story about it for the Historian–from their perspective. I cannot recall which issue but it is a number of years old. The Clark Museum has some photos of the train in the river. Their little girls who died in the crash are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery; Minnie and David Wood are also buried there along with Minnie’s parents (they lived in Arcata)

    • lynette77 says:

      The Woods from the L.K. Wood family? The story of the train is just tragic… If you ever run across your article, (or have a digital copy) and are willing, I would love to post it here.

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