Mail Tree in SoHum

Early Mail Box

This tree is just a tree.  Until you read this…

(Harris is near present-day Garberville).

3 Responses to Mail Tree in SoHum

  1. olmanriver says:

    People took their mail deliveries seriously. There were long mail delivery delays following an attack on the nearby mail station at Spruce Grove in September of 1861 by a large group of Indians. People were eager for news of the unfolding Civil War, and they hated to be cut off. Mail packets by boat were unreliable.
    The editors of the Humboldt Times were complaining regularly at this time, and one of their quotes described the delays as “simply intolerable”. (Sounds like me when the phone lines go down for a day or two and I can’t get online!)
    But good ol’ Tracy and his Hydesville Express riders braved the dangerous southern leg (Long Valley to Hydesville) and the mail deliveries were restored.

    Keeping the mail flowing also provided another reason to get rid of the Indians along the “mail trail”.

  2. Kym says:

    We have a similar bulletin board in our community that functions as a drop box and a place to post flyers and messages. When you can trust your neighbors, life is pretty sweet.

  3. […] upon a time I did another post about how folks got their mail around Harris. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

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