Not even ready for California

Ready to go to California?

 The caption at the top says :  “I am sorry I didn’t follow the advice of Grammy to go ’round the Horn.” 


I just finished reading George R. Stewart’s The California Trail, which covers the various routes early emigrants took to reach California and details the various challenges they met along the way.  

The most striking thing about these early adventurers, as the illustration indicates, is that they really weren’t prepared for the journey.  Many didn’t even know how to get to California.   There were no maps, no established roads or even proven trails, and yet 

“…so many of all kinds and classes of People should sell out comfortable homes in Missouri and Elsewhere pack up and start across such an emmence Barren waste to settle in some new place of which they have at most so uncertain information…”

Pretty much just crossing their fingers and heading west.

Very crazy, or very cool, depending on your perspective. 

2 Responses to Not even ready for California

  1. nan says:

    either very ambitious or very desperate–or both . . .

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