Yacht Club on Indian Island

Yacht Club Indian Island East, c. 1925

Because we’ve had some fun focusing on landmarks that have disappeared, such as the Stump House on South Broadway in Eureka, I thought I would post the photo of another long-gone structure.

I know there’s got to be info about the Yacht Club in at least one of my books on Humboldt history, but, of course, I can’t find anything now.  And an internet search also gives me nothing…

Oh well.   

Because today is my birthday, I am chosing not to focus on the other events that happened on the Island, but please know they have not been forgotten.  And never should be.

6 Responses to Yacht Club on Indian Island

  1. Jay Toobad says:

    Happy birthday, Lynette.

  2. Nan Abrams says:

    another indication that there was some real money here once upon a time?
    By the way, my search in the Humboldt Room to identify the Eureka street was fruitless. I did not look through all the photographs to see if it was there and identified as I did not have time but will look when I go back in. The folks in there were also curious–they had not heard of the Eureka Fish Market.

  3. olmanriver says:

    very happy Birthday Lynette, thanks so much for this great history blog and all your time in creating it!

  4. jendocino says:

    Happy birthday, Lynette! Many happy returns. Thank you for your continued efforts to entertain and inform us concerning the fascinating history of this amazing place!

    • lynette77 says:

      Thanks so much for the birthday wishes everyone. It was a great day–lots of time with family and wandering around old town. Darn, Nan, I should have taken a copy of that photo with me !!!

      Happy weekend to you all.


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