Jolly Giant Mill in Arcata, c.1878

Jolly Giant Mill, located northwest of HSU. Photo c.1878

I’m thinking that “Historic Photo Fridays” might be a good idea…


6 Responses to Jolly Giant Mill in Arcata, c.1878

  1. AJ says:

    Does anyone know where this was located in relation to today’s Jolly Giant Commons? Given the generally flat land, I presume it was directly along Granite Avenue.

  2. Jendocino says:

    I presume that the name “Jolly Giant” is in reference to the only tree in the vicinity left standing. In light of all of the logs and stumps scattered around, you don’t suppose they meant this name ironically, do you?

    • lynette77 says:

      I emailed Susie Van Kirk, a great Arcata historian, and this is her reply…
      I don’t know the origin of the name. Falk and Minor built the Dolly Varden mill in 1872 (WHT 4 May; 13 July 1872) and the Jolly Giant in 1875 (WHT 13 Feb. 1875), the latter was built on or near the site of Preston’s old water mill. “Giant” may refer to the size of trees, i.e. WHT (5 Oct. 1872) “Mr. Flaglor took photo of another giant tree. It was felled in the margin of the forest just back of Minor and Falk’s mill near Arcata. A team, consisting of five yokes of oxen and the logging crew of nine men, are at their work of reducing the fallen giant to sections fitted for the capacity of the mill.” The tree probably didn’t feel too “jolly” cut up on the ground!

  3. Jendocino says:

    LOL! My point exactly – not too “jolly” at all if you’re the tree. Thanks for the research, and thanks to Susie, too, for the info!

    • lynette77 says:

      Susie also dug up and shared this:
      Democratic Standard (24 Nov. 1877) Arcata Items. We called at Mr. Grant’s photograph gallery a few days ago and found that gentleman doing a good business. He has some fine pictures for sale, such as “The Town of Arcata,” ”The Jolly Giant Saw Mill,” ”The Mad River Boom,” and “The Wheelbarrow Brigade of Radlefinger and Stotts,” and many other nice pictures.

  4. Rod says:

    Hi regarding the Jolly Giant Mill I have the original owners day book(over 1000 pages) that records the original stock issuance to every cost and expense from from 1884 to 1960 I am assuming closure. Quite fascinating.

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