Buhne’s Boat, c. 1882

July 9, 2010

Mary Ann Buhne, c. 1882

So I liked this drawing as much for the land marks behind it as anything else. 

That is obviously suppose to be Table Bluff on the left and there are two little houses/structures on the peninsula on the right… 

Oh, and it looks like that tug boat is actually pulling the little ship behind it out of the bay. 

Ok, kinda random, but when I don’t have time to write, I figure I can at least dig up and post old photos/drawings.

Yacht Club on Indian Island

July 7, 2010

Yacht Club Indian Island East, c. 1925

Because we’ve had some fun focusing on landmarks that have disappeared, such as the Stump House on South Broadway in Eureka, I thought I would post the photo of another long-gone structure.

I know there’s got to be info about the Yacht Club in at least one of my books on Humboldt history, but, of course, I can’t find anything now.  And an internet search also gives me nothing…

Oh well.   

Because today is my birthday, I am chosing not to focus on the other events that happened on the Island, but please know they have not been forgotten.  And never should be.

Photo of Old Town Eureka, c 1870

July 5, 2010

4th & E Streets, Eureka, c 1870

I believe those are chickens on the road behind the men.  Better than the pigs in Blue Lake, I guess…

The sign on the left says “Eureka Fish Market”.

We’re looking uphill, so I’m guessing away from the bay… I don’t recognize any of the buildings, but it is not impossible that one or two still exist…  If anyone makes their way to Old Town and recognizes anything from the photo, please let me know.

Blue Lake Union Hotel & Saloon

July 2, 2010

Blue Lake; "Second location--Railroad Ave across from depot; Union Hotel--Owned by Mr. Rousseau"

I am fortunate enough to be very busy with client work right now, but miss posting to this blog.  So… I thought I’d dig up a photo I liked and at least share that. 

The single pane double-hung windows tell me this building isn’t very old–likely built after the big fire (1911, I think).   You gotta love those swinging “saloon” doors…