Eureka, c. 1923

7th & G Streets, Eureka. C 1923

There are a lot of cool things going on in this photo…

I wish I had more time this morning-I’d try to identify the buildings.  I wouldn’t be surprised if many are still standing, even if they are hidden behind new facades

If you look carefully at the commercial buildings downtown, especially between C & F streets, along 5th Street, you’ll notice the gables of old houses behind more “modern” and squared storefronts.  Sound Advice, a stereo store, I think, is one example.

Present day (ish)

4 Responses to Eureka, c. 1923

  1. nan says:

    Is that the Eureka Inn I see–and behind it the old courthouse? I am trying to orient myself from this intersection but without actually mapping it out, cannot quite place things.

    • lynette77 says:

      I was in Eureka earlier today and I wonder if the photo might have been taken from the Eureka Inn. I parked at the corner of 7th and G and was in front of the north end of the inn. I looked toward the church and saw… buildings. I was too low. I think you’re right about the building on the right being the courthouse and I believe that is St. Bernard’s Church…
      I think that brick building is the downtown post office…

  2. Ross Rowley says:

    What you are looking at, in the front corner. is McCrea Nissan today. Down G Street behind McCrea would be Wells Fargo back (formerly Crocker Bank)

    The year of the photo was 1923 and the Eureka Inn was built in 1922…So, yes, that was taken from the Eureka Inn. The Federal courthouse is still there on H as is the Catholic Church. That building with the white trimmed windows was where the new office building is today across from the tire store on H street. The tall white building to the right is the Masonic Temple/Vern’s Furniture.

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