Eureka 1864

September 30, 2010

Eureka 1864, "G Street between 3rd & 4th Streets"

Folks  seemed to like the photo of Eureka so much I thought I’d post another.

If I figured the orientation correctly, the  one below is the same spot.  Changed a little, I think.

I know it breaks hearts to see the photographic ghosts of old growth redwoods, but it also hurts me to see all these great old buildings that just don’t exist anymore.  All the time, energy and care… tangible evidence of lives that have gone before us. 

Maybe it just reminds me of my own mortality to see that everything changes.  And disappears eventually.  Sometimes old photos are the only evidence that something, or someone, ever existed at all…

G Street Eureka, from 3rd Street looking away from Bay (4th Street & beyond)

Eureka in 1854

September 27, 2010

 According to the City of Eureka website, the Ryan and Duff Mill was the first successful lumber mill in Eureka and was powered by a beached steamboat.

Free Salsa Tasting Tomorrow- Arcata Farmers’ Market

September 24, 2010

Tomorrow at the Arcata Farmers’ Market from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. there will be a public tasting of original salsa recipes developed by six teams of 4th-6th grade students and their wonderful mentor-chefs.

This event was sponsored by the Humboldt County Office of Education and will feature kids from Pine Hill, Lafayette, Arcata Elementary, Trinidad, South Fortuna and Ambrosini schools serving original salsas and looking adorable in their little chef jackets.

Six great chefs helped the kids develop their original recipes. Those Chefs were

  • Beverley Wolfe from Avalon
  • Josh Wiley from Plaza Grill
  • Rita Pimentel from Rita’s Mexican Grill
  • Rosa Dixon from Natural Decadence Catering
  • Melody Dale from Curley’s Restaurant
  • Angi Caudill from Scotia Inn/Dorris & Daughter Catering.

Judges will present awards AND there will be a People’s Choice Award (the most coveted by the kids).

So please, come out and try some great salsa and vote for your favorite.

We’ll be on the Arcata Plaza lawn at the corner of 9th and H Streets.  If you have any questions call me,  the event coordinator at 845-0467.


Jess McGuinty-Entrepreneur/Philanthropist on KHSU today

September 20, 2010

Jess McGuinty and Michael Franti, lead singer of the band Spearhead

Today at 1:30p.m.  KHSU will air my first interview as a host for Through the Eyes of Women

90.5FM | KHSR-FM 91.9 Crescent City-Brookings | 88.7 FM Ferndale-Fortuna | 89.7 FM Garberville | 99.7 FM Willow Creek 

I was fortunate enough to have Jess McGuinty, founder and owner of Jessicurl  as my first guest.  Fortunate first because she is an experienced radio host/personality   and I am new to radio (she was extremely patient when it took me ten times to record my own darn name,  for example) 

And fortunate because she is a fantastic, generous person committed to making a difference in our community and around the world. 

Jess created her Women around the World Program, which she discusses on the show.  I’ve “borrowed” the following info about the program from her website for those who can’t catch the interview on the air.  She truly is amazing and we are fortunate she chose the North Coast as her home and the home for her great business.  

I know this may seem unrelated to history but I truly believe Jess is making history now

From Jess’s website  

Jessicurl is dedicated to more than just good hair days; we are a business committed to making a positive contribution to the world around us. We feel very strongly that Jessicurl should benefit more than just its owners. We launched the Woman Around the World program in May 2004 to raise money and awareness for different charities and non-profits around the globe. 

Once I realized that this business was going to work, I knew that I wanted it to be a socially responsible business that gives back to our local AND global communities. But I thought that had to wait until we were making a certain amount of profit before implementing such a program. Two things happened that made me change my mind about the timeline. 

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Cycling is long-time interest in Arcata

September 17, 2010

Arcata Plaza Cyclists

Arcata is home to many avid cyclists-and apparently this has been true for a while now…

Per my standard recommendation, keep clicking on the photo to enlarge (those are some great buildings in the background).

Lord Ellis Road, 1927

September 16, 2010

Lord Ellis Road at the north fork of the Trinity River, 1927

September is usually the most pleasant (and my favorite) time of year in Humboldt County.  But the Fog-Gods have gotten the best of us this year and folks may have to travel inland to see any sunshine.  The drive is generally pleasant, in part,  because we don’t have to take this road anymore…

What they used to harvest in Arcata

September 13, 2010

Arcata Bottoms

It can be hard to remember it now with all those Humboldt State students, the focus on the Plaza and the problems arising from that other “crop”, but Arcata has always been an agricultural community.

Loggers and their cork boots

September 10, 2010

Loggers and their cork boots, Essex (taken from post card)

We’ve got a very old house and the stairs and wooden floors upstairs have all these little divets in the wood.  My husband’s great uncle told us they were likely from cork boots (keep clicking on the photo to enlarge and you’ll see ’em).

Milk run on the Plaza

September 9, 2010

Arcata Plaza

If you keep clicking on the photo/link, you’ll get larger and larger images.

Notice the post office to the left of the hotel…

And the baby palm trees at the far left in the photo.

I wish I knew what Humboldt Manufacturing manufactured and what “Royal…?” was.

Half a billion dollars for a school or…

September 7, 2010
Los Angeles recently completed construction on the most expensive public high school ever, with the final cost of about $578 million.

I wonder what the kids who attended this school would have thought of that and which students, ultimately, received or will receive the most useful education…

Buck Mountain School (my internet search says it is/was in Larrabee Valley)