Jess McGuinty-Entrepreneur/Philanthropist on KHSU today

Jess McGuinty and Michael Franti, lead singer of the band Spearhead

Today at 1:30p.m.  KHSU will air my first interview as a host for Through the Eyes of Women

90.5FM | KHSR-FM 91.9 Crescent City-Brookings | 88.7 FM Ferndale-Fortuna | 89.7 FM Garberville | 99.7 FM Willow Creek 

I was fortunate enough to have Jess McGuinty, founder and owner of Jessicurl  as my first guest.  Fortunate first because she is an experienced radio host/personality   and I am new to radio (she was extremely patient when it took me ten times to record my own darn name,  for example) 

And fortunate because she is a fantastic, generous person committed to making a difference in our community and around the world. 

Jess created her Women around the World Program, which she discusses on the show.  I’ve “borrowed” the following info about the program from her website for those who can’t catch the interview on the air.  She truly is amazing and we are fortunate she chose the North Coast as her home and the home for her great business.  

I know this may seem unrelated to history but I truly believe Jess is making history now

From Jess’s website  

Jessicurl is dedicated to more than just good hair days; we are a business committed to making a positive contribution to the world around us. We feel very strongly that Jessicurl should benefit more than just its owners. We launched the Woman Around the World program in May 2004 to raise money and awareness for different charities and non-profits around the globe. 

Once I realized that this business was going to work, I knew that I wanted it to be a socially responsible business that gives back to our local AND global communities. But I thought that had to wait until we were making a certain amount of profit before implementing such a program. Two things happened that made me change my mind about the timeline. 


First, I saw Dr. Katherine Hamlin on Oprah. She has dedicated her life to curing women in Ethiopia of fistulas, a horrible condition that can happen during obstructed childbirth. She opened the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in 1974 and has treated over 25,000 women at no charge. I cried while I watched that interview. I also decided that when Jessicurl could start donating money, I wanted that hospital to be the first recipient. I realized what a luxury it is for us to be so concerned with frizz-free curls! 

Soon after that, I saw an interview on TV with Michael Franti, lead singer of the band Spearhead. Spearhead is known for their socially conscious lyrics and for speaking out about injustice in the world and their music is basically the soundtrack of the Jessicurl factory. 🙂 During the interview, Franti referred to the band as a “human rights organization.” This caused an immediate shift in my paradigm of what goals I can set for my business. I thought, “If a band can be a human rights organization, can’t my Jessicurl?” All of a sudden, my business became about a lot more than hair!! 

Since that time we’ve raised over $4800 for a variety of different charities and also seek out other ways that Jessicurl can give back to the world around us. Had it not been for Oprah and Michael Franti, who knows how long it would have taken me to get there.


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