Eureka 1864

Eureka 1864, "G Street between 3rd & 4th Streets"

Folks  seemed to like the photo of Eureka so much I thought I’d post another.

If I figured the orientation correctly, the  one below is the same spot.  Changed a little, I think.

I know it breaks hearts to see the photographic ghosts of old growth redwoods, but it also hurts me to see all these great old buildings that just don’t exist anymore.  All the time, energy and care… tangible evidence of lives that have gone before us. 

Maybe it just reminds me of my own mortality to see that everything changes.  And disappears eventually.  Sometimes old photos are the only evidence that something, or someone, ever existed at all…

G Street Eureka, from 3rd Street looking away from Bay (4th Street & beyond)


2 Responses to Eureka 1864

  1. […] HERE is photo of Eureka in 1864 […]

  2. […] HERE is photo of Eureka in 1864 […]

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