Pioneer Stables in Arcata

Stables and power lines. 

This is Arcata, but I’m not sure where.  The road to the right of the building looks like it goes straight to the bay, but I can’t  place the location.  I Street maybe?



4 Responses to Pioneer Stables in Arcata

  1. AJ says:

    Pioneer Stables was at the southeast corner of 8th and G streets on the Arcata Plaza, according to this page. That would make it the Bank of America spot.

    It’s curious though because the the photo on that page has the stable building with a gabled roof, not a flat one. In the photo on this page, the gabled roofs next to the stable don’t seem tall enough to be visible above and behind residential homes.

  2. Lynette M says:

    Oh, this is great. Actually I was at the Plaza this morning and it occurred to me (duh) that it might be that corner.

    I have old Sanborn Fire Maps I’ll try to scan soon and post because it shows all the businesses/structures on the Plaza during specific years.

  3. nan says:

    that is really cool! I see the road going downhill, so if it on the Plaza it must either be G Street–if it were H it would be the storehouse–or maybe 8th or 9th?

  4. AJ says:

    Ohhhh, wait, the Arcata Plaza in on a small plateau. If the homes in the other photo were downhill (e.g., near today’s 76 gas station), the small gabled roofs might be visible.

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