Kevin Hoover Sheds Light on Arcata’s Electricity

Arcata, looking up 11th Street, c 1905

Thanks to Kevin Hoover’s book, From the Pages of The Arcata Union and The Arcata Eye, I now know that on April 23, 1895 Arcata received power from two different companies and the Arcata City Council  “granted permission for poles to be set up and wires strung, with seven new streetlights placed around the Plaza and on prominant downtown corners” .  

This little bit of information will allow us to date Arcata photos as pre and post 1895.  (This photo already had date info, but it seemed as good a time as any to share the electical tidbit and give some recognition to Kevin… )

3 Responses to Kevin Hoover Sheds Light on Arcata’s Electricity

  1. random guy says:

    fantastic factoid…thanks!

    • Lynette M says:

      Yeah, isn’t that great? I love any info that helps us date the photos.

      I wish I knew more about vehicles, because they are always good clues. And windows. I don’t know when we went from 6 panes to four, to single pane, but if I did I could sure date buildings more accurately…

  2. […] “One of the large timbers on which the engine and dynamos for the Arcata Electric Light Works will be placed in position shortly was hauled Wednesday. One end was fastened to a pair of truck wheels and the other end dragged. It required three span of horses to drag it and then considerable difficulty was experienced in turning corners. Electricians Taylor and Littlefield are hard at work wiring the residence on the hill. About 500 lights have been put in up to date. The arc lights are ready and so soon as the incandescent dynamo arrives and is put in place Arcata will have her lights.” Read more about electricity in Arcata here […]

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