Mr. Zabala on a …

Mr. Zabala (son-in-law of Korbel)

I don’t have a good reason for posting this one.   I just… did.

Though I have heard that the Korbel brothers who founded the town of Korbel are the same ones that eventually went on to build the Korbel Champagne empire.

Unfortunately their website (which requires you to enter your age to prove your over 21 to enter, by the way) doesn’t appear to mention our little town…

It does look like the tracks are right on the water and I think that may be Arcata in the background.

6 Responses to Mr. Zabala on a …

  1. Hans says:

    That sure looks like the Arcata Wharf.

  2. nan says:

    This is surely the Arcata wharf. Do you know the Korbel brothers got chased out of town (and sued) after the collapse of the Mad River bridge as the train to Korbel was crossing it on the way to Korbel via Glendale etc? This was after a weekend celebration of Admission Day in Arcata–happened I think in 1895–give or take a year. The train fell to the river and needless to say,many were killed and seriously injured. Two little girls, aged four years and less than one year who were the children of David and Minnie Wood (the son of LK Wood) died in that disaster. You can see their headstone at the Greenwood Cemetery along with those of their parents and maternal grandparents–the Greenwalds.

  3. Maggie Gainer says:

    Hi Lynette,
    Would you tell me what you know about Mr. Zabala?
    His nationality, etc.?

  4. B L Bob says:

    If memory serves me right this is V. Zaruba. A famous photo I’ve seen many times over the years. Within arms-reach I’ve pulled out 1891 & 1900 Bank of Arcata checks drawn on the Arcata & Mad River RR account. Both are signed V. Zaruba, agt. He is listed in the 1900 census as Superintendent. Vadav (or Vaclav) Zaruba, native of Bohemia.

    • Lynette M says:

      “Within arms-reach” Bob ?!?!? Sounds like you’ve got quite a collection of great info.

      Thanks for the clarification on the photo. If it is ever possible for you to scan that signature and send it to me, I’d love to add it to the post.

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