Ferndale 1895-1905 (ish)

Ferndale (this photo was marked c. 1892 but the wires make that very unlikely)

Ferndale, c 1908 (source: Peter Palmquist)

These photos had different dates, but they look like they’re from the same time period (and probably the same storm).

I think at least one of the kids in the top photo (on the left) has a snow ball (click, click, click to enlarge).

And then there’s this one, which is my favorite and predates both snow pics.

Ferndale Main Street, c. 1895


2 Responses to Ferndale 1895-1905 (ish)

  1. Tapperass says:

    So little has change. Just kidding… hey thanks for sharing.

    • Lynette M says:

      Kinda kidding. Ironically, I think it was good in a lot of ways that this county was economically depressed and didn’t tear everything down and modernize it all.
      I think most of the buildings in Ferndale are still there.

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