Drinking fountain for man, horse & dog

SoHum Historian, Olmanriver,  sent me some wonderful newspaper excerpts full of all kinds of random community news, but this, inexplicably, is the one that struck me. 

As always, thanks so much ‘River, for being so generous with your information !

 I tried but was unable to find any photos of the type of fountain described.

“The Daily Humboldt Times” Eureka, California
Thursday, July 29, 1897

The drinking fountain which was ordered from J. N. Fish, of New York, by the retiring council on the night of its last meeting, has been landed safely in this city. It stands 5 feet 4 inches & measures 22 inches in diameter at its base. It weighs 800 pounds & is well adapted for city use, having been made extra strong to resist the knocks & jars of heavy trucks. The fountain possess an ornamental top piece. It is furnished with three basins at which man, horse & dog may drink. The basin which will be used by pedestrians & the trough for horses are on opposite sides & about midway up the fountain. The vessel provided for dogs is near the base & it catches what water escapes from the other two bowls. A self closing faucet regulates the flow of water by means of an automatic ball-valve.

The cost of the fountain in New York was $93, to which sum must be added $21.40 freight charges, making the total cost $114.40.
The sum of $25 will be donated by the W C T U (Women’s Christian Temperance Union) towards the expense of the fountain, & the Ricks Water Company will furnish the water used free of charge to the city. The fountain will probably be set up on the curbstone on the F street pavement where it will be convenient for the greatest number of pedestrians & people driving horses. The need of such a drinking structure is strongly felt in this city, where nothing of the kind is provided for the general public.


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