Eureka Cable (Street) Car, C 1900

Eureka, c. 1900 (Palmquist)

If you keep clicking on the photo (to enlarge it), you’ll notice that the women’s hats are pretty elaborate and the children look dressed up. Maybe a holiday or special event?

I wish I could read more of the sign behind the car.  Any ideas/guesses would be much appreciated.


7 Responses to Eureka Cable (Street) Car, C 1900

  1. laura says:

    Nice! Looks like the word “Groceries.” behind the car, but i can’t see whose store it is.

  2. capdiamont says:

    Sorry, but that isn’t a cable car. Cable cars are pulled by a cable. That would be a street car. You can still see the pole used for the overhead wires along 5th st. They are cement.

    • Lynette M says:

      No apology needed and thanks for the clarification/correction. I hadn’t known there was a difference.

      • capdiamont says:

        No problem. Cable cars are used in SF. There is a slot in the middle of the tracks for the gripper. The cable is continuously running in the vault below the slot.

        Since Eureka had dirt roads, and not much for grades, there is not much point for cable cars here.

        Streetcars get their electrical power from an overhead wire, and return it through the rails. If Eureka had cable cars, the firemen would not of gotten shocked from putting out the fire when they burnt the last street car.

  3. Roy Chapman Richey says:

    Eureka once had 14 miles of electric streetcar lines. There were 4 lines……Broadway to Bucksport, California to Harrison, Henderson Center to the Zoo and Myrtle Avenue to Myrtletown. All the lines came to a circle downtown between 2nd and 5th Streets. It all came to an end in 1940. Myrtletown and Henderson Center were true streetcar suburbs, much like portions of San Francisco. The route to Henderson Center and the zoo was not unlike the Taravel line in San Francisco today. What a loss this was and what a tourist attraction this would be today if just the downtown portion had been saved or restored. There is virtually nothing left, but as Capdiamont has said if you know what to look for you can find poles, street alignments and even pavement marks in part of old town

    • Lynette M says:

      What wonderful info ! I will try very hard to post it soon. Thank you again for sharing so much of your knowledge.

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