Eureka Railroad Depot

NW Pacific Railroad Depot, 2nd/A Streets, Eureka (Stine)


8 Responses to Eureka Railroad Depot

  1. Capdiamont says:

    I can’t see it, but the circles are actually Santa Fe railroad.

  2. THIS is amazingly wonderful. I think I may have to print this out and frame it.
    I love your blog!!


  3. Although I would bow to Cappy’s expertise anytime, I would like to suggest the round circles are actually clocks. The sign on the front of the tower clearly says “North Western Pacific”

    “Railroad time” was the standard for accurate time keeping in the day of the steam engines, having a clock on the building saved the conductors a lot of time from people asking the “Railroad Time”. Plus, it was a way for the trainmen to stay on the same time. The time was checked several times daily from the telegraph wire.

    • Lynette M says:

      I do think Ernie is likely right here. It seems like I have another depot photo somewhere so we can compare. I’ll post it if I find it.

      • capdiamont says:

        Ok, I had to find it, but here is an image showing the Santa Fe logos.

        Eureka, Santa Fe Depot

        To understand, The NWP was originally started by both the Santa Fe, and the Southern Pacific. Wifipedia says Santa Fe controlled the Northern Part.

  4. Now you see why I would always bow to Cappy’s expertise!

  5. Roy Chapman Richey says:

    Capdiamont is right………the Santa Fe built the structure when it controlled the Eel River & Eureka Railroad and displayed their Santa Fe cross medallion on it for many years. After SP and SF went together on completing the NWP to Eureka the famous NWP Emblem was painted on it. From the fence and condition of the building I would say this is sometime early on with the NWP, perhaps about 1915 with the surface primed to paint the new NWP medallion.

    • Lynette M says:

      You’ll see I haven’t posted anything new in a while but I am absolutely loving your comments and added info. Thank you !!!
      Are you from (or still in) this area?

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