Roy’s Club Celebrates 65 Years

Evo Fanucchi at Roy's-tending bar on Fridays

A few months ago I mentioned that I’d had a chance to talk with Roy and Catherine Fanucchi, owners of Roy’s Club in Old Town, Eureka.

I wrote an article based on some of the stories the Fanucchis shared about the history of the place and today I’m happy to say that you can find it  in the Times Standard Boomer Section.

One of the stories I couldn’t fit in the article goes as follows.

During prohibition, Evo’s father Angelo would sometimes go to Napa for whiskey.  He would fill the car with 5 gallon tins and cover them with a mattress.  Angelo would then take little Evo and his sister Ida-and have them  lie on the mattress.  If they were ever stopped  by officers, Angelo instructed, Evo and Ida were sleeping.   Evo remembers being stopped one time and hearing his father say, “No officer, I don’t have any alcohol , but please keep your voice down as my children are sleeping in the back of the car…”  The officer sent them on their way.


4 Responses to Roy’s Club Celebrates 65 Years

  1. Kym Kemp says:

    Interesting how this story seems so charming. When, if I were to tell a similar tale on my blog about hiding marijuana, many would be outraged at the endangering of children.

  2. olmanriver says:

    Thought the same thing Kym.

  3. Lynette M says:

    Actually, I also had that same thought, but decided not to editorialize…
    I could tell Evo thought nothing negative about it.
    He said another time they ran off the road into a ditch and an officer helped get the car back on the road-never guessing the vehicle was full of alcohol…

  4. […] This grand old place still stands in Old Town, Eureka, across the street from Roy’s Club. […]

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