Rio Dell, the prettiest place around !?!?!?!

Rio Dell, c. 1912

I grew up in Rio Dell.  Our house was near the Eel and I grew up with a great view of the river and bluffs.  The town always had a bad reputation, but I often thought it was the prettiest place around.


8 Responses to Rio Dell, the prettiest place around !?!?!?!

  1. Kym Kemp says:

    We used to call the downtown area the armpit of Humboldt. But a lot has been done there lately. And that scene in the photo is beautiful.

  2. I don’t know about big trends in the economy, in real estate, etc. But i have thought that Rio Dell and Scotia could be the next “hip” places in Humboldt… perfect climate there between the inland heat and the redwood cool; close enough to the freeway and bigger towns, yet also to the river and forest recreation; small-town atmosphere; inexpensive enough (comparatively) to buy in… and already a few artists living there. And it does look like some effort has been made to spiff the place up.

    And you grew up there, Lynette? Cool!

  3. kristabel says:

    My grandma still lives above the town a bit on Monument. I’ve always thought Rio Dell was the prettiest place around – and still do!

  4. olmanriver says:

    SO glad you commented Ms. Cooskey, as a click on your name and the link to your wonderful blog quickly, and delightfully verified.

    The name of Rio Dell has become stigmatized locally, going back to Eagle Prairie might help.

  5. Lynette M says:

    I always felt the same about the location, and it is improving, but much slower than I would have thought.
    I still think it is one of the best locations in the county to live. Up into the 80s in the summer, the fog comes in to keep it warmer in the winter. Surrounded by those beautiful bluffs and rolling hillsides…

    Kristabel, I used to spend time on Monument at Lori Chittenden’s grandma’s house. I loved it up there…

    If it wasn’t for the local association, I even thing the name is pretty. Rio Dell… isn’t that the equivilent of, say, village or glen by the river…?
    Though Eagle Prairie is nice and helps you to picture that big flat before all the people came in. I bet it was beautiful !

    Armpit, Kym? Ouch. Though I have to agree and it really hasn’t changed ALL that much. When I was growing up, we always wished we were from Scotia-much more positive associations.

  6. Peter says:

    I always liked the garlic fries at the Squirrel, Rio Dell has those amazing bluffs full of fossils and I’ll bet theres some good stories of the early days when the train stopped there on the way to Willlits

    • Lynette M says:

      I forgot about that Squirrel. Right there on Main Street, right?
      I spent a lot of time collecting fossils on those bluffs and we had an elderly neighbor that remembered ships coming up the river from the ocean. The channel was deep enough they could get all the way to Scotia.

  7. blacksheep42 says:

    do you know the name of the restaurant / bar that was in Rio dell in the 30s. was it called the golden gate cafe? I grew up in Rio dell. both my parents did as well. everyone makes rio dell sound so bad but in all reality it’s a great place to grow up. I have been all over the world and even with the places I’ve lived I would still choose rio dell to live. it is sad though that kids are more indoors on games these days rather then outside. I remember going up the creek across the river from what was called Nallys rv park going up that Creek and finding a cabin someone had built.

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