Church of the Antichrist, 1751


The Seventh Day Babtists may have claimed heroes like Pardon Davis, but apparently not everyone was convinced that this particular faith offered the road to salvation –though they did offer this gem,

“If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into a ditch” 

But I digress…

It appears the church had defectors…

Oct. 22, 1751, we, the subscribers, have been to discourse with Joseph Tanner and his wife, relating to their conduct in not attending the meetings, according to their profession, and also other evil reports which we had heard of their ill conduct. The answer that Joseph Tanner gave us was, that he was joined to the church by the Spirit of God, and after that, the Lord took him away from the church again, and showed him that the church was the church of antichrist; and he declared that he bore a testimony by the Holy Ghost against them, and desired no farther admonition from them ; he also declared that he was re-baptized and joined to another church… [emphasis is all mine]

I wish we knew if Tanner and his wife made it to heaven in spite of their defection…


2 Responses to Church of the Antichrist, 1751

  1. Ron Gallagher says:

    Wouldn’t that be great if there was a “roster” of those who went to heaven and those that didn’t!?! I am thinking some of us might be doing some serious comparison work of their lives to ours, and then perhaps making some changes! LOL!

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