Eureka, c.1929

Postcard:Eureka, c. 1929 (Antich)

This doesn’t even look like Eureka (looks more like San Francisco before the big quake).

There is definitely a lot going on here… and if anyone can place the location, I’d love to hear it.


5 Responses to Eureka, c.1929

  1. humboldturtle says:

    The shot is taken from about Fifth and E. That’s 4th and E looking north past the old Christ Episcopal Church. The white building past the church is 350 E Street. The Central Hotel across the street is still there, too. (The church moved to 15th and H in 1939ish – “too much traffic”).

  2. humboldturtle says:

    The building in front right is the old JC Penney’s. It’s a furniture store now. Next time you’re downtown, take a look!

    • Lynette M says:

      Love this info.

      I just received an email urging me to urge visitors to add any photo info they’ve got. Thanks so much !

  3. Diane says:

    looking down E street

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