Price Creek near Ferndale

Edeline Place, Price Creek, c. 1900


There are a lot of great things going on in this photo, but I thought I would focus on that house….

Price Creek Road is off of Blue Slide Road, which is a beautiful drive between Rio Dell (where I grew up) and Ferndale.

You take Belleview Avenue in Rio Dell and keep going or Grizzly Bluff Road in Ferndale and do the same (I think).  Unfortunately it has been a while since I’ve taken either route.

Once, when I was twelve, my friend Cecilia Viegas and I rode our bikes all the way to Ferndale from Rio Dell, which is close to 20 miles, give or take.  We were so proud. 

My mother didn’t know we were going –though to be fair, I don’t think Celia and I knew our destination either.  It was kind of a “let’s just try that next hill” sort of exercise until, suddenly, we were in the Ferndale bottoms–and well at that point it would have been just silly to turn around and tackle those hills again and so we kept pedaling to Ferndale.

Unfortunately my mother was not thrilled to come and fetch me i(it was close to dark by then and we were tired) and the day did not end as well as it began.  Still a great memory and a great bicycle ride if one has the time and inclination.  Warning: there are hills.  Big ones…


2 Responses to Price Creek near Ferndale

  1. Ross Rowley says:

    Be sure to stop at the actual Blue Slide turnout that gives you a great view of Metropolitan looking north.
    But, more importantly, you should look at the mud coming down from Blue Slide. I have found a treasure trove of fossilized sea shells in the clay right on the road! That hill is constantly slipping so the chances of finding fossils is really good. If you look to the east, you will see you are on the same elevated river plain as the more famous fossil-filled Scotia Bluffs. The drive you are speaking of is one of my favorites and an easy trek through farm lands, river vistas and old homesteads.

    • Lynette M says:

      It seems like I’ve seen paintings of that view. You’re right, it is gorgeous. I didn’t know there were fossils there, but it makes sense….
      I love this area !

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