Eureka, c. 1940

Eureka, C. 1940


If you click to zoom, you’ll see the Vance Hotel on the right, which will help to orient you.

It is also good to note the number of window panes on the old buildings.  The more (and smaller the) panes, the older the building likely is –though some folks, like the ones who added on to our old farmhouse, recycled windows, making it harder to date the structures.


6 Responses to Eureka, c. 1940

  1. Ross Rowley says:

    Looks like it is shot from the Courthouse roof. I am always intriqued by the building right across from the building that houses the Discovery Shop/Ingomar Theater/Northern Indian Development etc. There is a huge parking lot next to Mazotti’s now. Didn’t that used to be the old City Hall. In the photo, you can see the interesting domed ornamentation.

  2. Ron Gallagher says:

    So is that the courthouse behind and to the right of Bragdon’s Complete House Furnishers?

  3. Kevin Flannery says:

    Hmmm….looks like we have a much uglier new city hall to go with our much uglier new courthouse. Apparently “cheapest” was not the main goal in public works back then.

    I remember arguing with one of my neighbors about the library when it was built. Even though it was mostly made possible with donations, there was a feeling that it was waaaaay too fancy. My neighbor couldn’t understand why a metal building wasn’t good enough.

    • Lynette M says:

      I think I’ve said this before, but I can’t help but wonder what Eureka would be like today if that beautiful historic courthouse/city hall was still at the heart of it. Instead we have… well, what we have.


      I work in the county building now and wistfully fantasize about old buildings with heart. Or a new building (like that beautiful library) also with heart.

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