Blue Print for Samoa Worker Cottage, c. 1903

May 31, 2011

Worker Cottage, Vance Redwood Lumber Co., Samoa, c.1903

Rio Dell, 1949

May 30, 2011

Rio Dell, 1949

 Take a cruise through this town today and it pretty much looks the same…

Humboldt Times Building, c. 1909

May 23, 2011

Eureka Times Building, c. 1909

 This is not the first Humboldt Times Building, but I don’t know that this one is either.

Horse Racing in Eureka

May 21, 2011

Eureka Race Track


The geography is pretty distinct, but I can’t tell where this is.  Again I’m asking for clues…?

Eel River Ferry, Rio Dell

May 20, 2011

Eel River Ferry-outside Rio Dell

If you keep clicking on the photo to enlarge it, you’ll notice that it looks like the guy on the other side is holding a gun.

Historic Sequoia Park

May 17, 2011

Sequoia Park

Old Town, Eureka Parade, c. 1925

May 16, 2011

Eureka, c. 1925


 I have to admit I am not a big parade fan, but I am really glad one took this photo.

First Building at Humboldt State University

May 15, 2011

First building at Humboldt State University, date unk

 My daughter was one of the many accomplished students who graduated from Humboldt State University this weekend.

We are incredibly proud and I am thankful this institution is a part of our community and here for all of us.

Rocky Pasture in Blue Lake

May 13, 2011
Blue Lake, early

I pledge to work on geographic diversity, but hopefully blog visitors understand that I do live right down the road from where this photo was taken oh so many years ago.   And have poor impulse control.   And do think all the rocks in the pasture tell a story …

Ugh. Think of all the work those rocks represent… 

Letter from Arcata’s L.K. Wood, 1862

May 11, 2011
L.K. Wood House–Janes Road at Zehndner

Arcata, Humboldt Co. Cal

August 22, 1862


My Dear Father, Mother, Brothers, and Sisters,

It has been a long time since I wrote you.  And until a few days ago I thought a long time since I heard from any of you.

I received some time ago a letter from Ella and Emma dated April 23, 1861 & a few days ago one from David of April 20, 1862 and one on yesterday from Emma dated 27th June last.  Neither of which I have answered so I must write now to the whole of you.

The only exciting thing now before our County people is the Indian—They have made war with the white population, and are killing every one of us who dares to venture out & every family who dares to remain 5 miles in the country, all citizens have now left the country who lived that far out from Arcata and have gone to the town; and the people of the town of Trinidad 18 miles from here up the coast have all left, some for San Francisco and others to the towns of this county.

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