Blocksburg, c. 1890

Blocksburg, c. 1890

 The store was owned by JS Marble (keep clicking to enlarge), but I can’t find JS in the census…

Ah, there is an AP Marble in the 1880 Census in Powellville and Joseph Marble, a relative, I think, was in Bear River in 1880.  Perhaps Joseph grew up to be J.S., and a merchant…

Blocksburg, c. 1890


There is an entire website devoted to the little town of Blockburg  here.

I suggest you spend some time checking out the history  and photos.


3 Responses to Blocksburg, c. 1890

  1. Kristin Windbigler says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen that first photo before. Neat! Blocksburg was originally called Powellville. The store in the background is the Helmke Mercantile, which was converted into a house and is still standing. The building on the right is the old Overland Hotel. I think that’s Biar Curless in front on the steps.

    And thanks for the website shoutout! We’ve been working on rebuilding it so that more people can contribute.

    • Lynette M says:

      Hey Kristin,
      Nice to see you here.
      I love your site and will keep checking in to see if you get new content.

  2. Tisha Phillips says:

    hi… am trying to gain any information for my dad and our ancestors. I have recently found out that my dads 3x great grandfather is Benjerman Blocksburger and grandmother is Bonnie Wailaki Blocksbuger . cant believe that Blocksburg is names after him! Also, I found out that Phillipsville is also named after my dads 3x great grandfather. Is there any pictures that I am able to find? thank you

    Tisha Phillips

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