Vampires in Rio Dell?

When I was young I watched producers film parts of the movie Salem’s Lot in Fortuna and Ferndale.  Recent discussions, however,  have made me wonder if they weren’t a bit off in identifying towns of the undead.

I received a message not long ago from someone wondering where the cemeteries were in Rio Dell and Scotia. I grew up in Rio Dell and I don’t think there is a SINGLE CEMETERY in the whole town.  Perhaps Rio Dell was truly a town of the undead…?

That pondering, along with Wes Keat’s recent lack of success in finding a cemetery in Alton, made me wonder…

Where are all the dead people south of Fortuna?

Anyone have a clue?


7 Responses to Vampires in Rio Dell?

  1. Kym Kemp says:

    Briceland has a cemetery and Garberville has one but I think folks from Rio Dell get buried in Fortuna or Eureka.

    • Lynette M says:

      Yeah, but doesn’t that seem like an awfully long way to go, epecially 100 years ago…???
      There’s also Stafford. Shively… there has to be more cemeteries, darn it. I know there is…

  2. Ross Rowley says:

    Between Hydesville and Fortuna there are seven cemeteries. Two in Hydesville, (Odd Fellows) three on Rohnerville Road, (Masons, Odd Fellows and Catholic) and two in Fortuna (Sunrise-Newburg and the old one off of Kenmar/Kenwood.

    There is also two cemeteries on Table Bluff (on Shively Road and the Catholic one near the county road yard)and of course two in Ferndale.

    With 11 cemeteries in such close proximity, I would imagine that is were people from Scotia and Rio Dell (Wildwood) buried their kin. The old Hydesville cemetery was formed in 1860, but the oldest burial there was 1852.

    Stay tuned for an event at the Fortuna Sunrise Cemetery called “Grave Matters” around Halloween for fun historical/theatrical presentations as well as Ferndale Museum’s annual cemetery walk in the summer months.

    The I.O.O.F OddFellows organization was very instrumental in establishing and tending to our local cemeteries in the Eel River Valley. As time went along, cemetery districts were formed ala water districts or school districts as a means to care for the cemeteries.

    • Lynette M says:

      Hey there,
      Nice promo for the cemetery events. I tried to go to the Ferndale event with a friend last year and it was sold out !
      Re: dead folks being takenfrom Rio Dell/Scotia to Fortuna/Hydesville for burial, sorry but I’m just not buying it. Seems way too far, especially 100 years ago.
      Someone thought they heard there was a cemetery by the water towers in Rio Dell, but I’ve never heard of them. When I get some time, I may call someone down there to ask….

  3. Darlene Garrity says:

    I asked this very question to Evelyn McCormick about 35 years ago when we first moved to Rio Dell. She said there are a few people buried in the hills by the town water tank and above Ogle Ave. She said most of the dead were put on the train as it went through and taken to Fortuna. She also said that there had been an Indian cemetery where Scotia is now but it was built over by The Pacific Lumber Company.

    • Lynette M says:

      Ok, with the train that makes sense (someone had mentioned Fortuna as the destination before but it seemed so far to haul bodies).
      The hill above town also makes sense.
      And Ogle… though I wonder where.

      Thanks for the info. I’m not surprised about Scotia. I think that happened often.

  4. Lynette, I attended the Ferndale Cemetery presentation. It was a wonderful, informative and entertaining tutorial about specific people and the causes of death that the early pioneers faced. I believe I saved their handouts. I’ll look and possibly scan them to send to you. ALSO…there is a second cemetery near Ferndale, approximately 1 mile south of the Ferndale Cemetery. Saint Mary’s Catholic Cemetery is on Blue Slide Road that leads to Howe Creek, Price Creek and Rio Dell (the route that did not require a river crossing). Loving the info in your blog! Karen

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