Who are these people?

Unknown family


Every once in a while I like to get a little preachy and finding this photo among my family pictures has inspired me to do it again.

This photo came from my grandmother’s collection.  This little girl wearing what I’m guessing is dad’s jacket on the left is especially adorable.  And I’m guessing this is the early 1920s.  But I HAVE NO IDEA. 

 Because the photo wasn’t marked in any way. And my grandmother has passed away, along with (most likely) anyone else on the planet that can identify this family.

Mark your photos, people.  Please.


2 Responses to Who are these people?

  1. Susan V. says:

    I totally agree, I have a collection of my grandmother’s pictures and almost none are dated or labeled… My mom was better with our immediate family photos, but we all want to know more of the older ones. I am scrapbooking lots of stuff right now and am writing and labeling so my nieces and nephews will know who is who if they go looking. Loving the blog!

    • Lynette M says:

      You know, I used to think scrapbooking was a rather complicated way to capture and share info, but I am beginning to realize it is a great way to pass on family information.
      If you structure your scrapbook with longivity in mind, your family members 100 years from now will read it (and love you for it).


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