Rocky Pasture in Blue Lake

Blue Lake, early

I pledge to work on geographic diversity, but hopefully blog visitors understand that I do live right down the road from where this photo was taken oh so many years ago.   And have poor impulse control.   And do think all the rocks in the pasture tell a story …

Ugh. Think of all the work those rocks represent… 

3 Responses to Rocky Pasture in Blue Lake

  1. Joel Mielke says:

    Have you figured out where the photo was taken from?

    • Bob G says:

      This is the ruins of the fire of 1911. Destroyed a full block of downtown Blue Lake. Those aren’t rocks; chimneys, bricks & warped metal.

      • Lynette M says:

        Wow. That is wonderful (and horrible) information at the same time. If you keep clicking on the photo you can see what Bob is talking about.

        I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t notice at all and likely never would have without Bob’s great info.

        Thanks so much, Bob.

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