Eel River Ferry, Rio Dell

Eel River Ferry-outside Rio Dell

If you keep clicking on the photo to enlarge it, you’ll notice that it looks like the guy on the other side is holding a gun.

5 Responses to Eel River Ferry, Rio Dell

  1. Lynette
    Whatever it is in the persons hand, it looks like it attaches to the cable strung across the river to move the ferry back and forth.

    As a side note: Is that Dungan’s crossing?

    • Lynette M says:

      HI Ernie,
      The photo caption says Rio Dell. I think Dungan was closer to Ferndale/Loleta, though I could be wrong.

      Your explanation for the thing in his hand is likely correct, though it did look like a gun to me. A gun makes for a better story/image, though, doesn’t it?

  2. Yep… we should have stuck to our guns. Say… doesn’t that look like a case of blasting powder on the left side???

  3. Kevin Flannery says:

    He’s got an eerie executioner look going. It might be the Zodiac killer, with that black hood!

  4. olmanriver says:

    There is a story about Grant Myers who had a ferry south of this one on the Southfork, maybe Shively or Pepperwood. He would transport your wagon for 2 or 4 bits. When people took to the nearby riffle to cross and avoid paying him, he hired a nearby team to plow out the riffle. Then when people tried to ford the usual crossing, he would charge $2.50 to pull them out.

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