Sherman Institute (Indian School), 1919 & 1947

June 30, 2011

Sherman Institute, 1947

 Orvel Allen was my husband’s grandfather.

Sherman Institute, 1947

And Mamie, graduating in the class of 1919, was Orvel’s mother. 

Mamie Lamberson

This seems like the distant past, but my guess is that each of us knows someone today (whether we realize it or not)  whose family, whose life, was altered by this history.

A more compelling story (Indian Boarding Schools)

June 29, 2011

One of Kym’s photos , which was incredibly beautiful, inspired me to share my own.

Just ’cause…

Sherman Institute, 1939

As you may have guessed, this is not the photo I had in mind.

 I truly meant to post a lovely landscape photo, but couldn’t find it on my computer.  This one came up instead and is certainly more important than a grove of trees.

The young man on the left is my husband’s second cousin.  He attended the Sherman Institute , along with many of his family members,  in the 1920s and 1930s.

During that time Native Americans were not able to attend “white” high schools.  Local tribal members attended Hoopa High or went to Riverside.

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Slash burner thing

June 28, 2011

Below Weichpec

Obviously, I don’t know the technical term for this huge… thing.  It is just tucked amongst the trees looking very cool on the road below Weichpec.  There is another in the main town of Hoopa, but is doesn’t look this cool…

I took this one for scale

So, my daughter was giving me crap for not knowing the technical term for this thing so I googled “slash burner photo” and found… these.  Guess it is a slash burner after all. 

This was is especially interesting because it is built right over a creek.  Convenient before folks started concerning themselves with water quality and such…

Why suffer the handicap of looking old? (1912)

June 27, 2011

Miniature donkey

June 24, 2011

Miniature donkey in Blue Lake

This has nothing to do with history–that I’m aware of.

I was just attempting to clear old photos from our camera and ran across this one.   We brought this guy and another into our field last spring to keep the grass down and they did a find job.

And were adorable….

Arcata Union Newspaper; various dates: 1895-1905

June 23, 2011

Visitor “Skippy” was generous enough to share the following as a comment after my post/photo of Arcata High  and (Skippy, I hope you understand that) I just didn’t want to risk anyone missing this great info…

Per Skippy:

Here’s some of the exciting Arcata news that these pictured high schoolers likely would have known about at the time. Arcata was a happening and progressive place:

“One of the large timbers on which the engine and dynamos for the Arcata Electric Light Works will be placed in position shortly was hauled Wednesday. One end was fastened to a pair of truck wheels and the other end dragged. It required three span of horses to drag it and then considerable difficulty was experienced in turning corners. Electricians Taylor and Littlefield are hard at work wiring the residence on the hill. About 500 lights have been put in up to date. The arc lights are ready and so soon as the incandescent dynamo arrives and is put in place Arcata will have her lights.” Read more about electricity in Arcata here

Advertisement: ‘”The Glorious 4th is coming so let the Eagle SCREAM and Old Glory FLUTTER to the Wind from the mast heads. Arcata Celebrates and Begins the Day’s festivities with a National Salute of 13 Guns at Sunrise. A Grand Procession will form at Armory Hall, at 9 o’clock in the following order: 1) The Arcata Cornet Band. 2) Co, B, 10th Inf. Bat., N. G. C. 3) Citizens on foot. 4) School Children in Floating Palace. 5) Officers of the Day in Carriages will parade though the principal streets, terminating on the plaza which will be beautifully decorated for the occasion. …’”

“Arcata has demonstrated the fact that a good (4th of July) celebration can be gotten up on short notice and carried to a successful issue in spite of the fact that almost every other place in the county had a celebration also. As early as Monday morning the decorating committee commenced delivering redwood trees around the plaza and up the principal streets … by Tuesday night the town looked like a miniature park. …The 4th opened with the firing of the national salute on the plaza … The first event of the day was the hose tournament … The Calithuptian parade from Alliance came into view … There were about 75 wheels in line and some very funny and original costumes were seen. The man who couldn’t keep his pedals caused much merriment as did also the man with the hay rope whiskers. After circling around the plaza they gathered around the bandstand where Grand Calithumpian Orator Tim Spaulding, addressed his motley followers. … After the noon intermission, the afternoon games and races were called. The first was a 6 mile, free for all, bicycle road race, beginning and ending on the plaza … Celebration Gossip: Everybody said those 2 little girls in the Calithumpian parade were “just too cute” and those 2 boys fooled lots of people including the Calithumpians themselves.”

See a similar parade on the plaza here

From “Special Notes: ‘”$25 Reward will be paid for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the party or parties that stole my chickens. We have in our midst a genuine chicken thief. Chickens come home to roost, and this thief will be caught, for I know you just as well as if I had caught you in the act, for you, like some other thieves, forgot to cover your tracks. … It is well known that I am a confirmed invalid and a party that would steal chickens from me, would steal acorns from a blind sow. I live in the Frances house, and my name is Peter McGeorge.’”

In the “Special Column” : ‘”For Rent — A nice six room, sunny cottage, two blocks west the plaza. Rent $5.50 per month, inquire of Gustave Muhlberg.”

Mulberg adopted Charles, Lucy’s son.  Read more about Charles here

“T. J. Crawford has accepted the agency of the Imperial ($105) and the Elliot ($85) Bicycles– and will have four new wheels up on the steamer to-day. Any prospective buyer may have use of wheel for one week, and if not satisfactory in every respect, have the privilege of returning the same. Mr. Crawford will sell on easy installments to reliable persons. Call and inspect the wheels at Crawford’s store.”

“Russell, the bicycle, horse and all around thief, was finally captured at the Jacoby Creek quarry last Saturday and Howell’s horse and Martin’s rifle and pistol recovered. He is now in jail in Eureka awaiting conviction and sentence. As well as being a first-class thief, he is a first-class liar. He denies, without blinking his eyes, that he was at Trinidad, or that he robbed Martin’s cabin or stole Howell’s horse.”

See cool bikes here

Advertisement: “Back Again From Europe! By the solicitation of many friends and patients, Dr. H. Ehrlich the Eminent Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon From Berlin, Germany, will make his next visit to Arcata, Tuesday, April 25th, Union Hotel, 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., One Day Only and return once a month. Do you want that Catarrh cured? Do you want that Deafness cured? Do you want to see with those Weak, Watry, Dim Eyes? If so, go and consult Dr. Ehrlich this trip.”

</b “Advertisement: Customers should bear in mind that with every purchase made by a lady amounting to $1 or over, she receives a high grade toilet article free. And every school child, with a purchase of a pair of shoes, receives a valuable and instructive pocket encyclopedia. Humboldt Manufacturing Co.”

Front page news: “Arcata not only has a fine natural park now, but a beautiful picnic ground as well, and the number of spirited men and women who helped to make Park Day a success may well be proud of their efforts… Men were seen wending their way up towards the park carrying axes, brush hooks, mattocks and other tools, and by the middle of the forenoon, a considerable clearing was the result, and brush fires were burning in every direction … People were surprised at the extent of the level land available for a ground, there being about 5 acres in one piece. Just above this is a sort of bench, making an ideal place for a band platform. The place where the dance platform will probably be located is level, without stumps … Several trees suitable for hanging swings were left, and when the work is completed, as fine a picnic ground as can be found in the country will be seen. …”

(Arcata Union Newspaper; various dates: 1895-1905)


What is this GM part?

June 21, 2011

Found treasure

It says GM with some part numbers…

And is this a part of the GM thing?  I have no idea…

Historic Maple Syrup?

June 21, 2011

Maple syrup?

My husband thinks the container on the right may have once held maple syrup.

Mendocino Indian Reservation, 1857

June 19, 2011

Mendocino Indian Reservation, 1857

Ok, keep clicking to get to the source of the photo…

And then (and this is important if this format drives you crazy like it did me–for those of you, likely most of you, that already figured it out-ignore the following),

you need to go to the top left hand corner and  adjust the zoom… and then click on red box imposed over the miniture image in the left corner below the zoom setting.  Then with your mouse still clicked, move that little box around.  It will shift the larger image (zoomed) around so you can see segments of the image in better detail.

It seriously took me months to figure this out.  Clearly not something I should be boasting about but it is true.

This painting is remarkable–and not.  I would like to think the artist tried to accurately capture what he saw.  The source cite says that it was complete while the painter, Edouart,  was a member of a hunting party in 1857 to present to Mendocino County.

Arcata High School, 1897

June 18, 2011

Arcata High School, 1897

My son graduated from Arcata High School a few weeks back. One of the speakers at the graduation joked that the architect of the current school also designed prisons.  Not so here…