Hoopa Indian House, c. 1899

Hoopa, 1899

This home looks abandoned to me.


10 Responses to Hoopa Indian House, c. 1899

  1. Ross Rowley says:

    The modern shingle-roofed dwelling in the background is a telling sign. As are the newly milled fence boards on the home to the right. Is that Bald Hill in the background? If so, this must have been located in the Norton Field district. Just guessing.

    • Lynette M says:

      Hey Ross,
      We also live on Norton property outside Blue Lake.
      Almonzo Norton homesteaded here around 1880.
      I once found an indian census from about 1889 that enumerated an indian village on the Norton Ranch.
      I guessed it was here, but perhaps it was in Hoopa?

  2. Ross Rowley says:

    Boy, that’s a good question. The settlements (European settlements) between the Klamath-Trinity area and like names in and around Blue Lake are common. It must have been the close proximity. For instance, The Fountain family. And the Harnden family. Take a look here:


  3. Margaret Wooden says:

    Almonzo Norton settled in the Hoopa valley before the reservation was formed and when it was formed about 1864 the U.S.Govt. purchased his farm and he moved to the lower Redwood Creek area and then to Scottsville (in the Blue Lake area) He and some of his family are buried in the old Scottsville Cemetery.

    • Nancy says:

      My name is Nancy Klar and I am related to Almonzo Norton. He is the son of my gggGrandfather, Zacheus H Norton and his wife, Slyvia Amelia Thompson Norton. I have all records on these people. They had 11 children all born in Cattaraugus Co,New York. Both are baurid in Red Bird Cemetery with each having a large Tomb Stone. They are the same couple that Almonzo has listed as his parents being Zacharias Norton and Amelia Thompson Norton. The spelling is wrong.Have Military papers of Zacheus being in the War of 1812 and also Military papers of one of his son’s , Ozaro Norton in the Civil War. Looking for the parents of Zacheus H and also of Sylvia. Slvia was from VT and Zacheus from RI,They were maried in Genesee,NY about 1810-1815. Do you have anymore information on these Nortons. MY e-mail is EandNKlar@AOL.Com

      • Lynette M says:

        Hi Nancy,
        I wish I did have more info I could share. I am in touch with local (Humboldt based) Nortons. Please let me know if you’d like me to connect you (and I do apologize for my long-delayed response).

  4. Nancy Klar says:

    Hi again. I would like to send my records out to you so they don’t get lost somewhere when I die.I am now 83 yeas old and will leave all to the Fenton Historial Society in Jamestown,NY as that is where I was born and I was able to get all my information as my grandmother was a Norton. Child of Joseph Jasper Norton who was the son of Alonzo Norton who was the son on Zacheus H Norton and Sylvia Amelia Tholmpson. Joseph & Alonzo are both buried in Lakeview Cemetery,Jamestown,NY..Have the Military Papes of Ozro Norton who was in the Civil War also papers of Zacheus Norton who was in the Civil War,son of Joseph Norton. Also papes of Zacheus in the War of 1812. Lots of other information I would like to send out to hyou. Please let me know.Thank You

    • Lynette M says:

      I would be honored to receive your information-and share it with the Nortons still here in Humboldt.
      Please email me at lynette.mullen@gmail.com so we can exchange contact information.
      Thank you.

      • EandNKlar@aol.com says:

        Hi Lyette, I will have to have your mailing address as I will have to send so much as I have in Sheet Protectors.all from the Military and cemetery records etc.Pictures of tomb stones in Red Bird Cemetery where Zacheus and Slyvia Amilia and family members are buried. Children born along with Almonzo and families. Thank you for letting me send this information. This is my address: Nancy Klar-952 Briarwood Dr-Myrtle Beach, S.C.29572

  5. ;Ruthanne Rocha says:

    I also stumbled upon this site by accident!! What a wonderful site. My granddaughter in the gggggggrandaughter of Almozo Norton & Laura Lindsay and Zaccheus Norton & Sylvia Thompson We am interested in any into that you have on the Military Papes of Ozro Norton who was in the Civil War also papers of Zacheus Norton who was in the Civil War, son of Joseph Norton. Also papers of Zacheus in the War of 1812. We come from Mary Ann Norton & Arthur Guy M “Chasie” Chase.

    Do you live in Humbodlt Country? Here is my email: grrocha72@hotmail.com Thanks you, Ruthanne R

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