What is this GM part?

Found treasure

It says GM with some part numbers…

And is this a part of the GM thing?  I have no idea…

8 Responses to What is this GM part?

  1. George Lancaster says:

    That is a clutch pedal and bell housing. The bell housing fits between the rear of the engine and the front of the transmission. This is the interface between engine (pistons moving up and down) and transmission ( gears going around). The clutch pedal is used to engage/disengage the flywheel (engine) from the clutch (transmission).
    I don’t even have a guess what the last photo may be.

  2. Man, I just love these guessing games. George is right about that being a GM bell housing. Its an old one, the thing at the top that looks like railroad spike welded to a cross-rod is actually a manual foot depressed starter button.

    I’m going to guess that the thing at the bottom is part of a furnace or a heating system of some kind. But, that’s only because it’s laying next to a steam valve. I would give it at least a 10% chance that I’m right.


    • Lynette M says:

      They may not be related at all. My husband talks about dumping trash over hills when he was a kid and I remember the old dump in Table Bluff. A big ole hole in the ground where we threw all our garbage. Crazy to think about it now. I think the photo is just “trash” that happened to be in the same spot. Not trash to me though… 🙂

  3. Lynette
    If the bell housing is yours, it’s worth around $100.00 on ebay. I would have it evaluated before selling it though.

    • Lynette M says:

      Hey Ernie,
      Not mine. And like the stuff I’ve dug up in my own yard, it belongs to the place where it resides. I hope anyone that spots it will feel the same and leave it alone…


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