Slash burner thing

Below Weichpec

Obviously, I don’t know the technical term for this huge… thing.  It is just tucked amongst the trees looking very cool on the road below Weichpec.  There is another in the main town of Hoopa, but is doesn’t look this cool…

I took this one for scale

So, my daughter was giving me crap for not knowing the technical term for this thing so I googled “slash burner photo” and found… these.  Guess it is a slash burner after all. 

This was is especially interesting because it is built right over a creek.  Convenient before folks started concerning themselves with water quality and such…


8 Responses to Slash burner thing

  1. Deb says:

    We always called them ‘tipi burners’

  2. Google “teepee burner”, and have fun.

  3. vanduzengirl says:

    I knew them as tee-pee burners also. Growing up in bridgeville where there was a mill we had a really big one right on the banks of the Van Duzen River (as was the local dump!). There was always more slash than could be burned and most folks hauled it off for kindling-for free. That burner went day and night all summer.

    • Lynette M says:

      Hey there,
      Hope you’re well Vanduzengirl !
      So was there a lot of smoke all summer as well?

      I saw one… oh yes, we tried the restaurant in Carlotta last weekend and I think I saw one there…

      When I took the photo the other day I couldn’t get inside, but I have before and it is quite cool.
      I know they’re relics now, and for some may represent environmental destruction (fair enough), but, but… darn it, they are still pretty cool. And durable.
      I have to think the one in the photo was used when that area was cleared and it is completely overgrown now. It has been there awhile.

  4. olmanriver says:

    There was one standing at Indian Creek in Piercy for a long time— I couldn’t look at it without thinking it was a stray birdie in a large scale badminton game.

    • Lynette M says:

      Oh, that is totally what it looks like ! Too funny 🙂

      I love how this one is tucked in the trees – looks sort of other-worldly.

  5. […] time ago I wrote about a slash burner in the middle of no where. Apparently there was one in the middle of Eureka as […]

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